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Art Gallery
August Gallery:
Jeanette Martone
Pencil & Ink Drawings

Visit The Gallery on the lower level and enjoy the newest art exhibits.

Staying Independent for Life: Fall Prevention for Older Adults

Wednesday, August 30 10:00am
Falls are the leading cause of injury and loss of independence for people 65 and over. This workshop, led by a health professional from the Suffolk County Department of Health Services, will help you learn how to reduce fall risk and increase your chances of staying independent. Topics will include balance and strength training, vision and medication review, proper footwear, and keeping the home environment safe.

Arthritis & Related Disorders

Wednesday, September 6 2:00pm
Dr. Richard Adamski, a rheumatologist at Northwell Health, will review the principles of treatment for arthritis as well as other rheumatic and autoimmune diseases. He will explain the basics, such as when to use Tylenol versus Advil, or when to use ice versus heat, and will discuss pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic management strategies.

Owls of North America & Long Island

Wednesday, September 6 7:00pm
Silent and hard to spot, owls are fascinating creatures. There are 19 different species of owls in North America, several of which can be seen here on Long Island. Dianne Taggart, local birding and photography enthusiast, will share photos and fun facts about these wonderful birds.

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