Lite Fare:
A Feast of "Gentle Reads"

"Gentle Reads," as they are popularly known, are books brimming with a simple, old-fashioned flavor and populated by endearing, intriguing, and very often eccentric characters. They can be charming, touching, poignant, humorous, and spiritually uplifting. They can be highly literate or a hoot-and-a-half. The stories generally contain little graphic violence or sex and provide a pleasurable reading experience.

Horn of Plenty: Gentle Reads from the Americas
Mom's Apple Pie: Homespun Life, Humor & Romance
Crumpets and Tea: A Celebration of "Brit"-literature
Crumpets and Tea II: Jane Austen, Superstar!
Crumpets and Tea III: A Romp Through Regency England
Bread Upon the Waters: Novels of Faith and Inspiration
Ev'ry Time I Hear the Spirit: Inspirational African-American Fiction
Light on a Dark and Winding Path: Faith-Based Mysteries
Visions of Sugarplums: Christmas Stories
Animal Crackers: A Selection of Heartwarming
Never Walk Alone: Novels of Faith and Love
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